Philippa Southwell will be speaking at a lecture in a modern slavery series by  Exeter University. Philippa’s lecture on ‘Non-prosecution Principles – Victims of Modern Slavery’ will explore the modern slavery legal framework and address policy, practice and implementation of non-prosecution principles. Throughout the UK victims of human trafficking and modern slavery continue to be prosecuted for crimes that they have been compelled to commit, despite non- punishment legal framework and obligations to protect them. Victims who are defendants raises complex legal and ethical dichotomies which the criminal justice system must address. 

The lecture will take place on Tuesday May 4th 2021 at 5:00PM (BST). To sign up, please visit the Eventbrite website for the event here

Further lectures in the series include: 

  • Protection, Support and Assistance by Natalie Sedacca, Lecturer in Law at the University of Exeter, and Avril Sharp, Policy and Casework Officer at Kalayaan (Tuesday 11th May 2021) 
  • Modern Slavery and Historical Perspective by Dr Todd Grey MBE, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter and Kate Garbers, a founder and former Director of Unseen (Tuesday 18th May 2021)