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Our firm consists of internationally acclaimed lawyers who have a reputation for being leaders in their field.

We offer a wide range of legal advisory services, including litigation and advocacy for both individuals, businesses and other public bodies to address potential civil and criminal liability both domestically and internationally. Southwell & Partners is cross-disciplinary firm with specialist expertise in hybrid areas of law with an emphasis on criminal, human rights, regulatory and modern slavery law. Our team have been involved in many of the leading and significant criminal and modern slavery cases of the last decade and are highly experienced in both domestic, European, and international law. We also offer specialist advice to companies on their obligations pursuant to international human rights and modern slavery law. Our team have been heavily involved in advising on policy and systemic challenges, working with policy makers, government and NGOs in the human rights sector.

An incredibly fair advocate – he is really respected by the court as he is reasonable, measured and incredibly bright

Chambers and PartnersReferring to Ben Douglas-Jones QC


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