The Modern Slavery Policy Unit is a collaborative effort between Justice and Care, an anti-slavery NGO, and the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), a prestigious think tank. The primary goal of the joint Policy Unit is to guarantee that the UK combats modern slavery and maintains its position at the top of the political agenda in Britain. This entails a deeper comprehension of the scope and character of contemporary slavery, more funding, and a sophisticated national reaction proportionate to the danger. With the help of frontline practitioners’ experience, innovative and fact-based ideation, a fresh perspective on the scope of the crime, and the opportunity to hear from survivors, the Modern Slavery Policy Unit seeks to spark the political will required to achieve systemic change.

The Modern Slavery Policy Unit:

1. Promotes laws and policies that prioritise victims’ needs for rehabilitation.
2. Creates a link between individuals striving to stop this crime and assist its victims and decision-makers in Westminster, guaranteeing that the opinions of people on the front lines are taken into consideration.
3. Operates across party lines, assembling and preparing a potent caucus of lawmakers to spearhead the anti-slavery movement.

Southwell and Partners has been involved in most of the significant and leading forced criminality and modern slavery cases before the Court of Appeal.