Philippa Southwell – Managing Director of Southwell & Partners – lectured at the CCARHT as part of their 7th Annual Symposium.

Philippa lectured on the topic, ‘National Referral Mechanism: areas for improvement’. She also focused on forced criminality and further areas of reform. The symposium spanned three days and covered a range of related matters. It began by addressing the current global situation regarding Human Trafficking, before moving into the specific areas of criminalisation that victims are trafficked into: the drug trade and the retail sector, amongst others. The final day then moved to addressing whether our justice system adequately identifies victims who have been exploited into criminal activity.

CCARHT is a leading UK based Think-Tank in the area of Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery. It seeks to build a network of HUBS with regional, national and international experts who seek to understand the impact of Human Trafficking in their region.