Our Managing Director, Philippa Southwell, spoke alongside leading practitioners on anti-trafficking law at the Doughty Street Trafficking Symposium on 19th May.

The Symposium was joined by members of the Doughty Street trafficking team and covered terrorism and trafficking, prosecution of victims of trafficking and forced labour, and the Nationality and Borders Act. The panel discussed how trafficking law can assist victims who are accused of crimes in relation to exploitation.

Philippa’s panel covered the following:

  • The role of abuse of process arguments post-R v AAD & others and VCL v United Kingdom, including the role of Article 4 ECHR and judicial review of the CPS and police;
  • Proving victim status before the criminal courts: expert evidence and the relevance of Single Competent Authority decisions post-Brecani; and
  • A legal black hole: what protections apply to victims trafficked for terrorism? 

Philippa Southwell specialises in cases involving victims of trafficking and forced labour. She has been involved in the leading non-prosecution and non-punishment cases in the UK in the last decade. To request full details of the Symposium and recording, please see the below link.