The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, as part of the West Midlands Anti Slavery Network, has published a support guide for Adult victims of modern slavery on what support is available to them, and how they can seek assistance as victims.  

The booklet aims to inform the decisions of potential adult modern slavery victims, and in itself is a support resource as it explains the National Referral Mechanism (NRM). The NRM process is described from making the decision to consent to a referral (including the implications of consent), the decision process, timelines, and support available within the NRM. It briefly addresses support that may be provided to potential victims and that which they may access, such as immigration advice, healthcare, housing, welfare benefits, and asylum support.  

It emphasises that that potential victims are not obliged to enter the NRM and may make the decision to be referred later. It also highlights that potential victims who do not enter the NRM or receive negative reasonable grounds or conclusive grounds decisions may be entitled to alternative support, such as from the local authority under the Care Act (2014).   

Please find the full resource here.