Criminal law

The Directors and Consultants at Southwell & Partners have vast experience in representing suspects in criminal investigations at the police station and defendants in criminal cases at the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts throughout England & Wales. We have specialist experience in serious criminal offences.

Whatever the nature of the offence alleged, we are able to provide advice as to how to deal with the police investigation and interview process and, if charges are brought, how to handle and present the case at the court. Our consultants include experienced criminal advocates and the firm will also instruct advocates from the independent Bar where appropriate.

We have a wealth of experience in relation to criminal charges of types including allegations of dishonesty and fraud, drugs, murder, sexual offences, corporate manslaughter, fraud, modern slavery and trafficking offences. Whatever the charge, we are a safe choice to handle the case for you.

The firm has not sought a legal aid contract and cannot therefore offer services under legal aid. However, if legal aid is required, we are happy to suggest alternative solicitors.

a fierce criminal defence solicitor, who specialises in defending and representing victims of human trafficking

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