Criminal Appeals

We advise and represent clients who have been convicted in relation to appeals against their convictions and/or sentences and in making applications to the Criminal Cases Review Commission. It does not matter that we would not have acted for the individual at the trial.

Often persons convicted of offences wish to seek an opinion from a different solicitor than the one who represented them at trial. We undertake this work both  privately funded and on a legal aid basis.

For those who have already appealed unsuccessfully but where fresh evidence has arisen, we can advise as to whether they can make an application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC). The CCRC can consider the representations and, if satisfied that there is a real possibility that the conviction would be considered unsafe, can refer the case back to the Court of Appeal. The CCRC refers only a very small percentage of the cases it considers.

Our team undertakes a large number of appeals in relation to individuals who are victims of human trafficking and who should not have been prosecuted given the UK’s obligations not to prosecute trafficked individuals in certain circumstances. Philippa Southwell has been involved in most of the significant and leading non prosecution cases concerning forced criminality. Our team has also represented applicants in the Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.

Steven Bird is the Chairman of the Criminal Appeal lawyers Association and undertakes a significant amount of appellate work. He regularly lectures to other solicitors on appeal related issues and has recorded podcasts for professional training on appeal work. He also sits as the London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association’s representative on the Court of Appeal User Group.

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